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Papi Simon's story is

One of Love, Connection,
and Appreciation.

Named after our beloved grandfather, Papi Simon, who lived in Armenia and built his life around the fertile soil, the enchanting view of the Ararat Mountains, and the natural power that surrounded him. He lived a free, tough and strong life, surrounded by fruit trees, homemade wine and cheese, chickens for eggs, and cows for milk. He sold what nature gave him on the market, and on the roof of his house, he dried fruit, preserving the natural sweetness of Mother Nature for his loved ones to enjoy.

At Papi Simon, we are inspired by the wisdom and simplicity of our grandfather’s way of life. We believe that Mother Nature has given us everything we need, and it’s our mission to bring that pure, natural goodness to the world. That’s why we only use the freshest and most delicious fruits, natural dried, and free from any additives or preservatives. Our fruits are rich in natural vitamins and minerals, providing natural energy and fuel for an adventurous life.

Now, Papi Simon’s legacy lives on through the company he inspired.